We think Enterprise Content Management differently, smarter and faster. Complex and lengthy project implementations are no longer suitable for the rapidly changing business environment. AI and Microsoft 365 make Enterprise Content Management even more confusing. We take care of your intellectual property.

Knowledge Work Automation

In today's increasingly overwhelming work environment, dominated by Microsoft 365, ERP systems (SAP, BC, etc.), and various web applications, our primary focus lies in automating processes, providing secure collaboration (both internal and external), and structured access to business-critical documents (your intellectual property).

Knowledge work automation brings structure to collaboration and ensures the most efficient use of all coworkers' time and resources.

AI is not here to take knowledge workers' jobs but to make their jobs easier by handling tasks that distract from more important work.

Knowledge workers are happier, more productive, and more likely to stay in a position where they get to use their valuable skills.


Document Automation

Automating documents, such as contracts, significantly enhances contractual compliance and frees up lawyers to focus on the most critical cases in large companies.

Our solutions provide document automation without requiring programming skills. We unlock unique self-service possibilities and allow you to share your automated content anywhere.

Automate any number of documents and provide your clients or partners with easy access to document templates without needing technical support.

Get started instantly with zero installation effort. Automate your frequently used Word templates, enjoy an intuitive user interface, and securely exchange documents via a web portal using your single sign-on (SSO) Microsoft credentials.

Process Automation

Addressing the growing complexities of regulatory requirements in compliance, GDPR, quality management (ISO9001 etc.), and ESG is an ongoing challenge for businesses.

We shorten audit cycles, avoid rework, improve staff productivity, increase consistency, reduce errors, ensure timely completion, and ultimately reduce stress for all employees.

Through our global partner network, we have access to proven, ready-to-use solutions in various industries. This includes seamless integrations with Microsoft, SAP, and other ERP systems, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution for diverse business needs.


Don’t compromise security or collaboration by sending documents via email. Build secure hubs to share documents and allow your clients and staff to access them anytime from any device.

Create a branded digital workspace (extranet platform) to share up-to-date information and customize the collaboration experience for your clients and internal teams.

Use our project management module to manage several projects all in one view.

AI (Cognitive) Search 

Many ECM (DMS) projects, even after years and significant financial investment, fail to achieve a full rollout across all business areas

Why? Because the complexity of business domains is either not easily or only very difficult to replicate, and requirements are subject to constant change.

One potential solution is to install an AI-supported search engine with manageable effort, providing business units with individual views that are easy to configure

We already see practical applications in areas such as facility maintenance and the financial services sector for assessing the creditworthiness of borrowers.

AI Based Automation

We offer platforms, powered by advanced generative AI technology, which help to organize information, understand the context of documents, and interact with your organization's knowledge using natural language.

It can help you automatically classify documents, discover critical data, and connect data from different sources.

Additionally, it increases productivity by allowing knowledge workers to ask questions based on their data, summarize documents, and translate content into other languages.

We Lift Your Treasure Trove Of Data

In your company, there are different storage locations for documents – our goal is to work with you to lift this treasure trove of data. We want to make sure that every user can easily access the data they need and is authorized to access it – to make your business more efficient.

What makes us different

Beyond Traditional Content Management

As an independent entity, we’re agile and fast in adopting cutting-edge technology. With content automation and AI, we enhance your complex work landscape, empowering individuals to build relationships and smarter businesses.

Experienced Professionals

With more than 30 years of commitment to Enterprise Content Management, we believe that intelligent information management is the key to business success and employee satisfaction.

A Reliable Partner

We approach our projects with patience, open communication, and out-of-the-box thinking, ensuring success and a long-term partnership, even in complex situations.

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